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In the heart of Los Angeles, back in the early 90’s, a visionary named Dr. Daniel Davidson set the wheels of change in motion. His brainchild, began its remarkable journey as the Messiah International Foundation and later he founded others.

The American Elite Foundation operates from its head quarter in Los Angeles. As an organization incorporated in California, our annual operating expenses are carefully monitored to ensure effective management and alignment with our mission. These expenses encompass various aspects of our operations, including program costs dedicated to our charitable activities, administrative expenditures to sustain our day-to-day functions, fundraising efforts to support our financial sustainability, technology, and communication expenses for efficient outreach, as well as resources allocated to support and recognize our dedicated volunteers. A portion of our budget is also set aside as a contingency fund, allowing us to respond to unexpected challenges. We are committed to maintaining transparency, and accountability in our financial management, ensuring that funds are utilized responsibly to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Dr. Daniel Davidson, CEO

Dr. Daniel Davidson, our CEO at the American Elite Foundation, is a multifaceted leader with a remarkable background in both business and healthcare.

Dr. Daniel Davidson holds numerous degrees, and is a verocious reader, and a consistent self-educator. He is an author, a professional consultant, and is passionate about teaching. He strongly believes in the transformative power of education, stating that through love and education, as species, humans can eradicate wars, hunger, and almost all illnesses, creating an ideal world to live in.

With an advanced  educational foundation spanning diverse fields, he’s an Executive Business Engineer, a Business Optimization Expert, specializing in healthcare, and a professionally trained CEO.

Dr. Daniel Davidson’s expertise allows him to tailor his skills and knowledge to the unique needs of various industries.

His core focus is to drive constant and never-ending improvement by meticulously assessing an organization’s current status and working collaboratively with the team to design and implement effective and practical strategies to address any shortcomings.


Dr. Daniel Davidson, the Director of the Board of Director of the organization is actively looking for top candidates to join American Elite Foundation both as part of the Board of Directors, and as executives in various positions. Hence, if you feel that you, or someone you may know is a great candidate that is uniquely qualified to join our growing global organization, by all means, please feel free to refer. Thank You!

Tiffany Davidson, President

Tiffany Davidson, the President of the American Elite Foundation, is a dynamic executive with a burgeoning career, boasting years of invaluable professional experience. Her educational background is also diverse, allowing her to bring a fresh and insightful perspective to her role. Beyond her qualifications, Tiffany’s unique position as the daughter of Dr. Daniel Davidson, imbues her with a profound commitment to the foundation’s vision and goals. This strong family connection underscores her unwavering dedication to our mission, making Tiffany an invaluable and passionate member of our distinguished leadership team.


Jessica Davidson, CFO

Jessica Davidson, who serves as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the American Elite Foundation, brings a fresh perspective, and a wealth of experience to the organization. With a remarkable track record in various leadership roles, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of management and strategic planning. Jessica’s academic journey is characterized by her education at the renowned University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she honed her acumen. Similar to Tiffany, Jessica is also the daughter of Dr. Daniel Davidson, which underscores her strong commitment to the foundation’s mission and ensures a shared family passion for the organization’s success. Her role as CFO is instrumental in steering the foundation toward financial stability and continued growth.

Social Justice and Community Healing Initiative

Violence is a significant public health issue that affects communities worldwide. It has a profound impact on the health and well-being of individuals, families, and entire communities, leading to substantial economic burdens related to healthcare, criminal justice, and lost productivity. Community-based prevention programs have proven effective in reducing violence and promoting positive youth development.

At American Elite Foundation, we are committed to implementing policies and procedures aimed at reducing violence, improving community health, promoting health justice, and reducing costs. As an organization dedicated to making a positive impact on society, we believe that these policies and procedures are essential to achieving social justice and harmony in the community.

Global Collaborative Charities

Our foundation promotes health equity by investing in initiatives that enhance the quality of health in various communities. These initiatives may include community development projects, educational programs, and advocacy campaigns that promote policies reducing health disparities.

The focus of the American Elite Foundation is to address the impact of external sources of violence in the United States of America. Our approach is rooted in eradicating the root causes rather than merely addressing the symptoms. We are determined to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities.

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