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The American Elite Foundation is a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to making a transformative impact in communities across the globe. Our mission revolves around the following key programs and services:

Humanitarian Aid

The American Elite Foundation is committed to a profound vision of creating a world free from poverty, fear, and oppression. Our work revolves around two key pillars:
1. Community Development and 2. Humanitarian Aid.

While often used interchangeably, these terms have distinct purposes.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services represent a cornerstone of societal well-being, a fundamental human right that underpins the overall quality of life. Access to healthcare is essential for both individual and community health, yet this access remains unevenly distributed around the world.
American Elite Foundation has developed a viable system to deliver healthcare, needed support and associated services to the underserved communities globally.


The American Elite Foundation is committed to achieving the Foundation's mission of reducing violence, and promoting community wellfare through collaboration with various entities that enhance communication, tolerance and evidence-based intervention procedures. The organization also supports this mission by providing education, supporting drug and gun control initiatives, as well as participating in research, in partnership with academic institutions.

Community Development

American Elite Foundation enhances quality of life in various communities by promoting initiatives that improve the quality of health, education, safety, level of poverty, family life, social support, access to primary needs (food, water, restrooms, bath, etc.), and housing.

These efforts of American Elite Foundation could include collaboratively supporting any governmental initiatives, community development projects that promote policies that reduce various disparities, or global plans to improve global environment.

Our goal is to establish satellite offices gloabally, and enter into strategic partnerships with local organizations in various regions as opportunities present themselves. These expansions will enable us to extend our humanitarian aid services to the underserved communities, and serve the regions most in dire need.

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