Dr American Elite Foundation

Community Development

Community Development

American Elite Foundation promote health equity by investing in initiatives that improve the quality of health in various communities, such as the reduction of poverty, education, and housing. These initiatives could include community development projects, educational programs, and advocacy campaigns that promote policies that reduce health disparities.


The objectives of American Elite Foundation’ support for Trauma-Informed Care Programs include increasing access to counseling and mental health services, enhancing awareness and understanding of trauma, promoting healing and resilience, fostering trauma-informed policies and practices, and evaluating program effectiveness. By prioritizing trauma-informed care, the organization aims to reduce symptoms of trauma and support survivors of violence in their recovery journey, ultimately contributing to the reduction of violence and improvement of community health.

What We Do

The American Elite Foundation is a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to making a transformative impact in communities across the globe.

The American Elite Foundation is committed to a profound vision of creating a world free from poverty, fear, and oppression. Our work revolves around two key pillars: development and humanitarian aid. While often used interchangeably, these terms have distinct purposes. We, as a dual-mandate organization, actively engage in both to address the complex issues contributing to human suffering and pave the way for sustainable change.

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