Dr American Elite Foundation

American Elite Foundation

American Elite Foundation was founded by Dr. Daniel Shane S. Davidson in Los Angeles.
It has always been his desire to collaborate with like minded individuals to help others, and by the founding of American Elite Foundation, Messiah International Foundation and other entities, he has done his best to collaborate with others to enhance communities in every aspect, globally. The one thing that has always led the way, through the darkness, and
tough days, the beacon of light, has always been the light of love. Just love. 

Love for humanity, for the world, and everything in it.

Just love to improve life, everything alive, and everything needed for its survival.

Beside love, the one other thing that has always been the forefront of Dr. Davidson’s focus as a guiding light, has always been education. Whether it is self-education, or educating others, Dr. Davidson believes that through love, and education we can change the world, and eventually, collaboratively, we can end wars, hunger, illness, and all planetary problems, creating an ideal world to live in. 

The mission of the American Elite Foundation is to collaboratively improve life through education, health care, social services, and community support.

Throughout the years, in collaboration with thousands of likeminded philanthropic individuals, charities, foundations, private entities and governmental agencies, Dr. Davidson in association with American Elite Foundation, as well as Messiah International Foundation, has
participated in fulfilling his mission of caring for the world, and everything in it.

American Elite Foundation is looking to expand its global operations, grow its team, and do more! 

Why don’t you join us?

Every little thing you can do with love, to serve another in need, would make a

Would you like to help?


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