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Violence Eradication

Violence Eradication

The American Elite Foundation is committed to achieving the Foundation’s mission of reducing violence and promoting community health through evidence-based interventions. The organization supports this mission by investing in research, partnering with academic institutions, and promoting evidence-based practices. Their advocacy efforts include addressing gun violence, improving healthcare access, and tackling social determinants of health. The Foundation also aims to develop and implement community-based prevention programs, partner with local organizations, and evaluate the impact of these programs. Their policy advocacy work focuses on promoting policies that prioritize community safety and equity. Community organizing initiatives empower individuals and communities to advocate for their well-being. The American Elite Foundation conducts research on the root causes of gun violence, evaluates prevention programs, and assesses the impact of trauma. They offer policy recommendations based on research and educate communities through workshops, training, and advocacy programs. Narrative change efforts involve culturally relevant messaging, collaboration with local organizations and influencers, media partnerships, and community dialogues to challenge biases and foster community resilience. These comprehensive efforts aim to create safer, more resilient communities and promote health justice while reducing costs for underserved populations. The Foundation’s study in The World is a step toward systematizing the eradication of gun violence. Their goal is to reduce violence, promote well-being, and drive economic growth through evidence-based interventions, research, and advocacy.

The focus of American Elite is to start to address the impact of external sources of violence in the World. As we know, to solve a problem, we must eradicate the causes and not only address the symptoms. American Elite intends to conduct this study through which it will identify all the major contributory sources to violence in various communities across the World whether these contributory sources are internal or external. When we are referring to external sources, we mean issues including but not limited to: 

  • Illegal import and sale of arms and ammunition
  • Illegal border crossing by illegal gang and drug cartel members
  • Criminal history among illegal aliens and seasonal workers who are convicted of violence in the World for the first time versus that of legal citizens of the Country.
  • Management of foreign and illegal aliens convicted of violence in the World and its contribution to recurrence versus that of legal citizens of the World


The American Elite Foundation intends to improve gun violence, police brutality, and trauma in communities in the World. We believe that we will be able to significantly impact various community-based prevention programs that can have significant positive outcomes in the communities they serve.

What We Do

The American Elite Foundation is a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to making a transformative impact in communities across the globe.

The American Elite Foundation is committed to a profound vision of creating a world free from poverty, fear, and oppression. Our work revolves around two key pillars: development and humanitarian aid. While often used interchangeably, these terms have distinct purposes. We, as a dual-mandate organization, actively engage in both to address the complex issues contributing to human suffering and pave the way for sustainable change.

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